Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer Georgian Girl

I know I haven't blogged much even though there are alot of changes in my life.  The big move out of our family home has taken some getting used to.  I am thankful that I know all my treasures are boxed up somewhere.

We do get our new house this Friday, and I will share with you all that "downsizing" stuff and let you know if it's going to work.

In the mean time, I thought I'd share one of my treasures I got before I packed everything up for the move.

She's a lovely little girl isn't she?   I  just had to have her.  Thanks Ebay.  I still love my coral fabric toile on my chippendale child's chair.  Blogged about here.

Given that all my stuff is being stored, using chairs as easels seems to be a habit of mine.  It also keeps off overweight adults who don't have the sense to not sit on a fragile chair.

 Above is a lovely antique handcolored print.  I can't resist anything old.  What can I say.   I really do miss opportunities to find treasures.  

I am trying to de-stress by gardening these days.   Below are some summer photos of the garden in Calif.

The flower carpet roses are doing really well right now.  They surround a lavender bed which has another flush of lavender.  Below is a photo of the other side of the walk--instead of flower carpet roses we have drift roses.  They are a bit lower in height than the flower carpet.  However I do not like them as well as they don't bloom as much as the flower carpet roses.  Note--we planted Red flower carpet roses--not scarlet, which I think turns more pink.

My son-in-law loves gardening, and took care of the property for the past 3 years.  He planted a huge garden, tons of flowers and grasses.
The zinnias do a great job of coming back every year and filling up spaces with amazing color.

The trellises were a summer project.  I designed the end cuts, thanks to an antique plate providing the perfect round template.  That wasn't easy to do.  My job was to draw the pattern on the board.

The zinnias have jumped the sidewalk on the left, and are now headed towards the open space.  We'll see how far the wind blows those seeds!