Thursday, August 27, 2015

Antiquing on the Internet: 11 Interesting Items on Ebay to Consider

It is really easy to put together a bunch of pretty pictures of antiques from Ist Dibs, but most of us don't have many thousands to spend on antiques.  I spent time on Ebay looking for affordable items to accessorize your home.   I look for interesting things that catch my eye that I believe are charming antiques.  I do not warrant or guarantee anything, I don't know most of the sellers, I am merely surfing and sharing with you what I think is fun!

This week it seems like I was looking at either prints or linens.

1.  Charming French Print
I love decorating with miniature prints.  This one is $125 on Ebay.  It says it is Eglomise, which means that it is painted on glass.  However then is says it is just a piece of paper attached to glass.  Either way, I thought it charming.  4 1/2" x 4 1/2". 

2.  Dutch Master Floral

This is more expensive,  It is from Estonia, not sure I want to have it shipped to the U.S., but I liked the look of the picture.  $690.  I will try not to blow the budget on every link.

3.  Staffordshire Dogs with Baskset

I like these dogs because of the baskets they are carrying.  They shouldn't go for a fortune because the paint is a bit chippy.  I should warn you, red dogs seem to go for more than other colors, and the baskets make the price higher.

4.  Toile Fabric

I saw this lovely fabric in pink.  There is a green version below.  They both have an almost luminescence to the print compared to modern prints.  Isn't it sweet with the goats and rabbits.  30" x 99".  It is $75.00

5.  Toile Drapes

The same print as above, identified as "Le Meunier" theye print is vibrant, lovely pattern.  Interesting history on the print.  This toile was produced at the Jouy factory in 1806 and was designed by Jean-Baptiste Huet ,  employed by Oberkampf .  The animal designs that Huet used, were often modeled after his own animals ( including his dog, in this toile scene) .   It was a popular print made many times, this one by Schumacher in 1910.  $175 for the pair.

6.  Antique Print Girl on Donkey "Country Girl of Tuscany"

Here is a lovely old print in a nice looking frame.  Isn't it charming.  I love the old antique prints, they have a quality and patina that adds alot to your home.  110 British Pounds.  I never have problems recieving items from the UK.  It is $170 plus shipping.  Or make an offer.

7.  French Water Color

Ok, so I like this one because it has horses and men wearing French hats.   An auction, currently at $55

8.  Fabulous Embroidery

How great is this monogram on a Euro sham!  I love the cutwork / eyelet work along with the fancy stitches making up the B.  $45, great price don't you think.

9.  French Tin Box

Isn't this the cutest box to put things in!   I have lots of boxes all over the house.  I keep thank you notes people send, all my ticket stubs from interesting places we've been.  It's fun to open and see what is inside.  At auction it is at $20 currently plus $17 shipping.

10.  Austen Style Prints

Here is another wonderful old pair of prints $84.95, or best offer.  Make an offer.  They are from around 1900.  Aren't they charming!   Looks way nicer than anything you pick up at Home Goods.

11.  Dudson Cheese Dome

In my last post I mentioned how I am so over all the seashells everyone uses. I really like it when I see designers using antique collections to make a statement.  Jackye Lanham has this kitchen everyone has published all over the internet.  She is probably my favorite designer that uses lots of antiques (after Charles Faudree, of course)

Notice she has two jasperware domes, along with a bunch of silver. Isn't it lovely!  Anyway, below is a dome that has a hairline in the dome, and is priced at about half of what you normally see.

The price is $232.97, plus $83 shipping, depending where you live.  Expensive, but you can always do some comparison shopping on these lovely domes.

In Summary

Don't be afraid to do some editing.  Don't let your decorating be defined by gifts that people gave you 20 years ago.  Clear out the boring accessories you thought would look good and it didn't work when you got it home.   Put the shells back on the beach.  Make sure your collections are tastefully displayed so your mood lights up when you walk in a room.

Be organized, have a place for everything.  That is what eliminates what most people call clutter.  It's stuff that is just dropped in a room because you don't have a place for it.   Take the time to think about how to live in your house, and then after you have places for everything, you can think about what brings you pleasure and adds beauty.

A tray below organizes useful things on this nightstand.  Organizing things doesn't mean everything has to be hidden.  You're living in your house.

Get out there and have fun collecting.  On don't go all obsessive though.  If you have one piece of cranberry glass,  50 pieces does not make it better.   It suddenly becomes boring when you have too many.  

My good friend Beverly always said, collect 3-5 of the best in a collecting genre and move on.   Sometimes we are afraid to buy the best of something because we don't understand the field.  With today's internet, you can research anything before you go drop your bank account on something.   

So take the leap, stop buying new junk and  buy something antique that has some patina!  Leave a message if you buy one of my recommendations!


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