Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Antique Shop Stop

I am working on the bedroom-- see previous post. My inspiration room had some pale yellows going with the plum color. I am thinking about a couple of items in this shop.

First, the fantastic price they had on this secretary made me stop and think, do I have a spot for it? I really want to get this to use in the family room, but my husband pointed out the spray foam they used in the replaced leg--hardly a legit restoration... but the price of $995 (was $3200) made me think it wasn't any worse than particle board from Pottery Barn.
I love the serpentine front. The hardware IS original. I don't normally go for oak, but it has a certain charm here. The inside is really cool, there is a spoon rack, I'd keep the doors open with stuff inside.

I was thinking it would look great in the family room on the left side of the fireplace.

(Remember, we just moved in. I haven't decorated ANYTHING to my satisfaction yet....so be kind! The great part is you can watch the rooms evolve! I have a fabulous mirror to put over the fireplace, I know I know, the clock and photo have to go, but I like knowing what time it is and that picture is of my one child....in medical school, she's awesome!  So I think I'm going to have to hire someone to help me figure out how to decorate this room....I definitely need some chairs/ottomans to make this room more comfy.  It has a monster flat panel to the right... and I am not thrilled with the sectional, I do like the leather with the nailhead trim, bargain priced and I needed something quickly.  Yes folks, we sometimes have to buy things that are available, because we need to live)

OK, back to the bedroom: Here are some things I am looking at.

#1 Settee done in a yellow damask. I am not sure of the age, could be 40's, although it feels like horsehair or something in the seat. I wasn't totally thrilled with the color of the wood frame.
You can see it more in the next photo. The problem is, it's not quite long enough to sit at the end of the bed. Do I get it anyway, and put it with an end table?
#2 french screen. It has some nice print silk on the back. I love anything carved wood, and these have wonderful carved swags on the top. Click on the photo to see the enlargement. It's great! The painted french chairs in front are cute, but they're soo small, and I try to get larger ones to be functional... I have no idea how I would use the french screen, I just thought it was a fabulous piece! I think this is probably the most unusual piece I'm considering. But the problem is, I keep looking at antique pieces that have no function. My family knows I am obsessed with screens. Click on the photo and check out the enlargement to see the details.

I already have one screen in the room. It's a big one:

However I am thinking the french folded screen at the antique shop might look good on the angled wall to the right of this dresser: It angles twice. I'm not at the house (700 miles away), and I can't believe I don't have a photo of the wall. You can see how it angles off to the right. The wall with the sampler on it is about 30", and then it angles again for about 2", going the same direction as the wall the dresser is on. (I plan on using the dogs for lamps, I have a weakness for dog lamps)

#3 neoclassic bench. I'm thinking this is turn of the century or newer.

This bench is just cute. It's only 33" wide, 27" tall. 14" deep. Do I put this in front of another window, it's 24" tall, but it was called a "window bench". I'm a sucker for anything that isn't solid guilded. In this case, I love the wood and gilding mix. What's with the plaster dog sitting on my bench?

#4 Pair of blue french chairs. OK, this isn't for the master bedroom--these would be for a guest room in done in blue and tan toile. Yes, I toile is my favorite print. They are a really good price...
While I would describe myself as someone who loves Georgian furniture first and foremost, I'm afraid I have a real weakness for anything carved with roses on it, or for french chairs.

#5 Metallic Embroidered Fabric. Why don't I just put all of these pieces on layaway. Again, click on this photo and check out the embroidery--it completely covers this piece. It's probably 6 feet long, 56" wide. I was thinking it could be used as a lining of a bed canopy or something? I hate cutting up antique textiles. I really shouldn't let any of these pieces get away. A bit expensive.

I'm not going to ask you about this chair, I have a weakness for anything with worm holes... attached to wood, of course... They had a pair. One is a bit wobbly, must go off to my restorer who painstakingly fixes these things by taking them apart and regluing them. The fabric is installed upside down on these. Anyway, the chairs are hand made, they are period pieces.

What would you pick if you had to pick one item?


  1. I would buy the last item. The chair. Great style, history and patina...always useful, an extra dining chair, a side hair, a desk chair, a hall chair, etc.
    The fabric is gorgeous...I too have stored too much of the I could not pass up fabrics now squirreled away in my linen closet. Many I know I will not use. This fabric seems to go with your taste, so maybe purchase number two.
    The French chairs are too delicate for my taste though would go well with the screen that is tempting you...all could go into the bedroom.
    For the living room, I would go for a pair of repro LouisXV bergeres. The tall secretary would be nice next to the fireplace...but you would have to try it..if too massive, you could use it where there would be more wall space on either side.
    Would the chair of my first choice attend well with the secretary, think so!

  2. Thanks Judith! I went ahead and bought the chair. I appreciate your comments about the bergeres, I've moved a pair from our other house to "try it out" and they look great. My husband likes the repro's because he is 6'2".

    I went back to the shop with the 2 french chairs, and you're right, they're really delicate, and maybe just a little to much gilding.

    I'm headed back to the shop to see what is still there. This time with a minivan in case something has to come home with me! At least the fabric wouldn't take up alot of room.