Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Casita Design: Restoration Hardware Cabinets

We are working on a casita for my 82 year-old parents.  We walked into Restoration Hardware this weekend, and I found the perfect cabinets which I would like to use in the kitchen and bath.   Unfortunately, they do not make kitchen cabinets.  HELP!  Does anyone know if a company makes anything like this?  One thing the photos don't capture is the finish.  The patina is a wonderful soft wax finish look. (and feel, very soft and buttery to the touch)

This is a 55" vanity.  Wouldn't it look great with the mirror below?

They have it paired in Portland:

 The showroom is so dark with the new paint color, it really absorbs the light.  I didn't notice until now that the wood really looks like a different color in the mirror vs. cabinet.

There is a great cabinet to use for towels:

RH does not make kitchen cabinets.  No one has a product like theirs.   I priced some painted and distressed cabinets from Lowes that I liked--until I saw these.  The cabinet below is perfect for a pantry, and priced about the same as the box stores.  I love the hardware because I know my dad would really like it.

 What would you do if you were only going to have 12 feet of kitchen, no stove?   I'm thinking (left to right)
refrigerator, bank of drawers, dishwasher (with microwave above it)  Sink (with plate rack above it), trash pullout, ending with a bank of drawers.  I could do a built in pantry tower at the end which would "balance" the refrigerator, but I'm thinking, how about this cabinet on a wall about 4 feet away.  That way I have a bit more counter space.   No stove, my mom could burn herself on it. 

Drawings are coming soon,


  1. I think I can find you those cabinets. They are new, and I have the louvered cabinet in files. Call or e-mail us: details are on the blog and website. Thank you for visiting us!

  2. Liz, you're my hero! I am working on sizes right now, as soon as I get a list I'll send you an email.


  3. you might also try Quality Custom Cabinetry:

    I have their cabinets in my kitchen and love them, especially the full beaded inset doors.

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