Saturday, November 13, 2010

Antique Show Find - Antique Mirror

A few weeks ago I attended several antique shows, Hillsborough  - Bay Area, Expo - Portland, Or.

I've written in the past about my love of antique mirrors.  This mirror caught my eye because of the pale robin's egg blue in the reverse painting of swagged roses--and the swagged roses.   The frame is in good shape, the mirror may have been replaced at the turn of the century or later, but it does show signs of age to be an authentic tabernacle mirror from the early 1800's

I did find a few pieces of french monogrammed linen for a song.  (I so periodically sell on Ebay, but am on hiatus until this whole move thing gets settled).

I will share my other finds as I have time to write.  Enjoy!


  1. I love a good find like that! I haven't been antiquing or thrift shopping or any of that for a while and I REALLY want to. Just going to have to make the time and do it. It's always so much fun to see what you can find. Have a great week!

  2. Oh it is breath taking! What a beautiful find. laurie

  3. This is a very fine Federal mirror. It looks to have it's original gold leaf. Great find. I love theses type of mirror and have a few myself.

  4. I hope you don't mind that I "borrowed" a photo from your blog to post on my blog. Please let me know if you want me to remove it. Thanks for the inspiration! laurie

  5. Great find!! I sold a very similar one and could now just shoot myself! I read your blog header and my first thought was "Am I a clone?" Because you sound JUST like me! I don't like new. Will always go for the old piece and I live in the Pacific Northwest. Oh and collections.....I'm out of control! I came over via Laurie's blog and I'm so glad to have found you! Vanna

  6. Thanks Andrew-- I just picked up another one via liveauctioneers, and some silvering flaked off the mirror, and the frame was pretty beat up, so now I really have an appreication for this lovely find.

    Laurie--I don't mind as you gave me a link! I'll post a link to yours when I have time to figure this out!

    Hi Vanna! my family thinks I'm crazy, so glad to find kindred bloggers!