Friday, July 8, 2011

Antiquing at Expo!

I'm delighted to have enough time for myself to do some antiquing - FINALLY!  Today was a fun day, and I purchased a few things.

First thing in the door, I found this punch bowl by Doulton.  It is early, and HUGE!  it is 18" across, very hard to find in this size.  Most of the punchbowls are 14".  I always try to find things that are exceptional in a collecting field, and I think this is one.  I don't collect Doulton, but thought it would set the right tone for a room with some hunt prints in it.  It is a more homey feel than the cut glass bowl in the background.  I've had 3 huge punchbowls in cut glass, and they definitely are a formal feel.

I'd like to point out that if you're purchasing something that you don't know anything about, it helps to purchase from a reputable dealer who stands behind their merchandise.

One dealer had a few great little boxes.   I collect boxes to display in a vitrine.  I know some people would put fancy porcelain boxes in it, but I like plain old paper boxes.  Match boxes, sewing needle boxes, litho boxes, etc.

Box has glass top, and matches stored in each corner.  Isn't it cool!
Tattered, but fun match box
Some miscellaneous items.  The metal tassels are curtain tiebacks!  Love it.  The little litho is french, and I like to find odd little framed items to tuck in bookcases.  There were some great Madeira napkins with grapes.  They took forever to find--there was a bargain box of linen I had to dig through to find all 8, took me half an hour.  I spent the time because it's hard to find GOOD Madeira embroidery.

The "D" monogrammed hanky is a man's hanky.  I have sold alot of men's hankies on Ebay for weddings.  It makes that rented tux look extra special....

The french litho photo was sort of fun, but I purchased it for the frame.  I have alot of embroidery and am always on the prowl for period frames to drop them into.  In fact, this show had another.
This is a birds-eye maple frame.  I've even had them cut down to fit my current project.    Both pictures are period prints, you can see the backs are undisturbed.  I just don't happen to plan on using either one.

There were a couple of items I contemplated but didn't purchase.   

Saturday's Finds:
My two favorite pieces for today are:

The top is a petit-point embroidery with a Gumps label on the back.  The bottom is a hanky holder monogrammed on fine french net lace.  My last name begins with H, so I don't know if this will ever wind up on the for sale pile.

I always hunt for hankies.  I used to sell quite alot on Ebay.  Monograms and lace hankies are my weakness.
 So I found quite a few.  Not exactly a ton of money to be made, but I mainly purchase items that I think are nice looking, high quality embroidery.

Some other items I found:  A transferware plate in Mulberry.  I have a wall of plates and thought that the pelican would be amusing to see.  There were some wonderful embroidered hankies, a fabulous lace wedding hanky, and a cute set of cocktail napkins with girls.  I'll eventually put them on my website for sale.

Things that got away:  A round tablecloth with gilt metallic embroidery.  I didn't know if I liked the colors, so I passed on it.   There was a wonderful chest on stand with inlay work that I hesitated on--thought it might be way over the top for me.   
Here's an boar's head dated 1931 Germany.   It struck me as daughter said she'd marry a pig farmer when she was 6.

Til next time:  Happy antiquing!

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