Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Barge Ware Teapot

My friend Beverly had a Barge Ware teapot sitting in the center of her kitchen table.   It had an Alice In Wonderland look to it.  I love the lid finial--another teapot.  I have other pieces of brown pottery called Rockingham ware.   There are U.S. versions, made in Bennington factories.

The teapot was produced at Measham in England.  They were produced from 1870 to 1914.   It is called barge ware because people would bring their boats past Measham to the factory and order these.  These teapots were produced by William Mason, a South Derbyshire potter near Church Gresley.  They are referred to as Measham Ware, barge ware, and motto ware.  The lid is quite secure, I can see why they were popular to use on a barge.

Barge ware teapot
Living on a barge must have been tough.  I can see where a teapot that says "HOME SWEET HOME" would be popular.  I love the brown  teapot on my ugly granite counters.  It also feels like fall to me.   It was time to change my lavender wreaths for acorns.  I think the teapot is the perfect addition to my fall "island-scape".

The teapot is 12" tall to the top of the final.  It may not look too giant, but it really is.  I'll have to find my brown Rockingham dogs.  It would be a great match!  

It is always amazing to me to find something 100 + years old, and find it in good condition.  I'm not sure that I'll collect a lot of barge ware, but this is definitely my favorite form.  Do you have any barge ware?


  1. No, I do not have any bargeware pottery. Actually had never heard of it! Do have Mason ironstone.
    Very interesting. You have quite some collections of it seems, everything, and I always await your next post to see what new to me but old object I will find.

  2. No, I have never heard of bargeware. Thanks for telling us about it. Your teapot is really neat. Gina

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