Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wedding Flowers!

I have been absent.   There are many reasons, mostly wedding.   The other reaons involve emergency surgery on my husband with a very serious cancer scare less than 3 weeks before the wedding.  Not to be left out, I fell in the airport and broke my hand, and wound up with surgery 4 days before the wedding.

The wedding was beautiful.  Unfortunately I couldn't handle a camera and it will be a long time before we wind up with the professional shots.  However, here are a few shots that got captured.
Magnificent wreaths on the gates of the garden leading to the wedding.

Stunning urns overflowing with color at the temple

Beautiful linens and urns filled with old roses, peonies, sweet peas and fuchias

 It was incredibly beautiful.  Everyone had a fantastic time.  The bride and groom were gorgeous.  Most beautiful wedding ever!

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