Sunday, March 2, 2014

Antique Find! - Delft Platter

Last weekend I got to go to an antique show in  Portland, Oregon.  I will share some of my finds as that is what you enjoy the most.

Who can resist blue and white porcelain or pottery?  Not many!   So many designers use it, and it's a great way to introduce some fascinating antique pieces into your room.  I saw this shape on this platter and knew I had to have it.

I hunted for a similar shape in the internet and found this piece that was in a Doyle Auction:

Of course I love the scenes on mine:

 I never pass up anything with sheep on it....

For some reason the photos look more navy, but the color is more true delft blue.

One of my favorite photos of a room using blue and white is below:

This is done by Nancy Morton, a house called Boca Grande

Notice how she mixes the blue and white up with other items.   I like that.  I can't wait to figure out where to put my new platter.

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  1. That is so gorgeous! So rich in its depth of color. A great find!