Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things

My most favorite thing?   Getting the house ready for Christmas.

 I love red and white wood ornaments, mushrooms, and wooden birds.
Ergebirge angels clipped onto branches.   Tiny red mushrooms.
 An elf making a list, a very vintage ornament.
 Reproduction Putz houses on the tree.  Especially if they have reindeer on them.   Steinbach bavarian ornaments.
 Clip on mushroom glass ornaments.  Paper birds covered in glitter.
 A Bavarian clock-maker.   A red-roofed Putz house.
 Any ornament out of old paper.  Garland with red bells.
 More paper houses.  Flocked trees.
 Globe ornaments with animals inside.  Wood reindeer.
 My red and white tree.

Pierre Deux Quimper stockings.

 Rows and rows of 30+ stockings in the hallway.

My second tree with pine-cone ornaments, plus glittered fruit for color.  The deer underneath the tree.
Globe ornament with deer and mushroom!
 Pinecone Owls!
Bird house with pine cone roof.   Stieff fawn in the tree.
 pine cone branches with ice crystals.
 Pine cone ball ornaments.  Scrap paper garland
 Glitter pomegranate.
 Bird nests with eggs.
 Bird ornament.
 More ice crystals on pine cones.
Reindeer wall hanging.    I think about how I hauled it across the country on an airplane....
Snowman Tree Toppers.
 German words in place card holders.
 Steiff animals on table.  More German words in place card holders.
The snow village barn with the cows.
Erzgebirge angels on staircase.

And waiting for my daughter and son-in-law to come home. 


  1. Very pretty, I really like the flocked branches. And so many pretty ornaments to look at!

    1. Thanks Gina! Merry Christmas and happy new year!

  2. I love all of those German ornaments and the deer under the tree!

  3. Your Christmas decor is delightful! And I love your wooden red and white heart ornaments. I kick myself for not buying a few when last in St. Helena at Napa Valley Vintage. Have a wonderful New Year! All the best, Rié

    1. You have my number...I love Napa Valley Vintage. I did find the hearts in 2013 at Rogers Gardens in Newport. I wanted to head back after Xmas to st. Helena but ran out of time. If you google Sage & Co Toole heart ornament you can find them on the Internet! More for next year...