Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just in Time For School: Alphabet Sampler

 I've seen posts from all my friends about school starting.  It made me think about my Biedermeier framed needlepoint alphabet sampler. I'm not sure what this item fall into:  My screen collection, or sampler collection.  I think I have about 7 firescreens. 

The world has certainly changed since this wonderful sampler was made!  Young girls would practice the discipline of stitching and have a wonderful accomplishment to show for it.   My nieces are masters with their hands too--texting in shorthand, lol....  I wish they'd have a sampler to show for their summer's work....

I love the pastoral scene underneath the sampler. It is done in needlepoint, with a handpainted face on the shepherd.  It is considered Berlinwork.

Currently, the screen lives in the uncluttered study.  How uncharacteristic of me!

I'm off to Baltimore for some shopping therapy at an antique show, then swinging by St. Louis to visit my daughter.    I am looking forward to it, minus the flight across the country.  Have a great week!


  1. Lovely pics;) I also have an antique blog, take a look if you want to!

  2. I love the screen. The needlepoint is beautiful. One of my most favorite things, needlepoint. Very rare for that period. You don't see a lot form then, and first time for me to see a screen. Thanks for sharing, Richard from my Old Historic House.

  3. that is gorgeous! my mother has many pieces of that furniture - it's so beautiful, simple - the wood! great post.

    thanks for your comment today - i loved it. we can relate. i swear, lizzy is living better than me now! with the concierge and all. wow. at least your daughter is in medical school. lizzy was majoring in photography and now she switched to P.R. oy. a student, she isn't!!!!


  4. Wonderful screen! I have berlin work pattern, and I made the reconstruction of this template