Thursday, August 11, 2011

French Wire Hamper on Wheels!

Ever look for a stylish hamper and get tired of all the baskets?    Yesterday I stopped by Pottery Barn with my husband.  We were really just goofing off, killing time before lunch.  I spotted the cutest hamper ever and had to have it.... I like to use vintage wicker laundry baskets for clean clothes, but I've never seen anything with wheels!
Photo from Pottery Barn website.  

I only bought one, but I love it!  You know I always want to have new things that look old.  The Crate and Barrel might seem more functional given the narrow shape, but this one is really nice because you don't have to bend over to empty it.  They only had one color liner, but I bought it anyway, thinking it would be easier to use it as a pattern if I wanted to redecorate.  You can get the porcelain tags that say "lights", etc.  but I only purchased one, so I didn't need the tag.

The only thing I didn't like about it is that it looks like rusty wire.  I like the look, it's just not that functional--don't put damp clothes in it.  The really cool part is--the basket collapses flat!   I thought I'd share, as PB always seems to place one-time orders and when it's gone, you're out of luck.

I saw this hamper at Crate and Barrel's website.

It's function, and you could roll it down the hallway if you're like me and do 3 loads at once.  I hated those cheap looking plastic wheels and it just doesn't have the charm of my new one!


  1. Hi wow who thought hampers could be so glamorous!! I love that first french and elegant. Great ideas! Thanks for stopping by...have a wonderful weekend.

  2. You could spray them with clear polyurethane! I bought an antique one at a garage sale for $10! I love it!

  3. Love these. Definitely you could spray them with any rust proof or not spray paint, any color!