Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Staffordshire Dog Followed Me Home...

This weekend is a work weekend.  We're stripping wallpaper that was hung in the kitchen and family room in 2003. ( I put it up for my daughter's high school graduation.  Relatives came in from all over - and we proceeded to have a wonderful weekend with family.  My daughter calls it her Big Fat German Graduation! )

Friday night I got the idea that I needed to change the kitchen.  I stayed up til midnight, and got 1/3 done.  The rest was stripped yesterday.  Today is spackle & sand, and prime.   We're dealing with a room that was added on 3 times since 1940, so you can bet walls are not even.

My pretty kitchen - before I destroyed it.  Toile in the kitchen, blue stripe in the family room.  My inspiration was those fabulous Diamond Baratta rooms. (edited per realtor, sigh)
My destroyed kitchen...

Yesterday, my husband comes in from his post office trip and says, "you're missing an estate sale a few houses down"...   so off I went...., wallpaper glue sticky fingers.... and found a little poodle, who enjoyed the walk back to my house!

The Staffordshire poodle is sitting on a bunch of Marvic toile fabric samples that I am contemplating..
for something.. I don't know what, I just like them!
So when my husband asked me Friday if I was going to estate sales this weekend, and I said no, I didn't realize I would be called on to provide a good home for a homeless poodle!


  1. I'm with you on the Diamond Barrata rooms. I posted them on my Nov. Equestrian style post, and I still have never seen a better kitchen, and I've seen plenty.

  2. Looks like you have a good start on your job! Love the toile...and the dog! Happy Thanksgiving!...hugs...Debbie

  3. Hey there!you have a wonderful home er.. kitchen.Just that I assume it must be lovely:)the poodle looks adorable.Good luck with the stripping hope, your kitchen looks ravishing now.

  4. I love your original inspiration, but change is always thrilling! Are you hosting Thanksgiving?

    I always remember years ago, my husband and I cleared the dining room just as soon as the Thanksgiving dishes were done so we could re-paint our dining room over the long weekend.

    We renovated our own kitchen in Novemeber a few years ago, the kitchen torn up on my blog belongs to a client, so I'll be cooking almost nonstop the next 2 days!!!

    The l

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I'll post the photos after I get through the "friday shopping madness". I'm also terribly jealous of all you bloggers who take wonderful photos!

    We killed ourselves to get the kitchen done, and then we jumped in the car and drove to Calif to be with family. I am not hosting dinner...I am on the road, a lucky guest.

  6. Love the poodle! I have two little staffordshire cats that followed me home from estate sales! My LIVE King Charles spaniels might not like the real thing, so my little finds will have to satisfy the cat lover in me!

  7. Thank you for your comment on our own poddle post! We adore your little Staffordshire dog--clearly we are kindred spirits. We look forward to exploring your charming blog! Thank you so much, --Reggie and Boy