Friday, December 2, 2011

Fresh Look with Kitchen Paint

Before the holiday, I posted that I was painting the kitchen.  Well, we finished the job, jumped in the car, and left.  We have been gone so I have to rely on photos I literally snapped as we were walking out the door.

The reason we decided to paint was that the house didn't seem to flow very well.  The kitchen had a toile wallpaper that was an aqua shade with the adjoining room in a stripe.  I really love the color, and it is very cheery in anotherwise dreary climate.   For those of you who haven't lived in the northwest, we only get 60 sunny days a year!  

So I decided to do 2 shades lighter than the paint on the main floor.  Looking from the living room, through the doorway, you see the contrast I am talking about.

The color is brighter than the contrast shown above.  I thought that going with a lighter shade of the living room would make it flow better.   

"Before" with 2 different wallpapers 

After is below.

Freshly painted walls, and moved island.  I couldn't decide whether I wanted an island, so I made it so you can move it.   I'm thinking I should change the cherry barstools.   Perhaps something black?  I love black in a room, and tend to do it with trays.

I love my cabinets.  They were made by my dad who is 83 now.  He copied a Smallbone kitchen photograph for me, how sweet is that! 
Yes, I know the photo over the chest is too big.  The problem is I keep moving furniture to the other house
as this one is for sale, and I forget to move the photos.  This will have to do til I get back.
 On the paint color:  I went 2 shades lighter than the living room.

Living Room Color - BM Richmond Gray

Misty Air / BM OC-44
Kitchen Color - BM Misty Air

The color on the walls looks yellower to me.  I checked the sample and it does match....but that does show the difference in what happens when you add the variable of lighting.

At night, the color looks a little more intense, but not by much.

Wall color at night
The color seems to be more complementary to the granite on the counters.   Check out my nice Thermador wall oven.  The first time I turned it on, it didn't work.  I was in trouble because I was out of warranty...hee hee, that meant that I hadn't turned it on for over 2 years!  Cooking, not my favorite thing.

So why is it that I can pick someone else's colors in a flash, and my house gets loads of indecision.  That's why the settee in the above photo isn't reupholstered yet.  I'm waiting...

On my jaunts this past week I did manage to swing by George Smith for some Bennison fabric samples.   Wish I'd remembered to pull out my camera, their showroom floor was awesome.  All the upholstery was in white, so you could really see the lines of the furniture.
downloading image...
George Smith Chair

So should I repaint?  I miss the old color.  I thought about painting the beadboard the Richmond Grey color.  My husband said I shouldn't touch the beadboard as all the trim on the main floor is a creamy white.  I was thinking that something half way in between

BM - Abingdon Putty
The screen colors are lousy.     I was thinking about going a little green-gray with November Rain, but at the last minute decided to go to the similar shade as the living room.

What do you think?


  1. I like the white in the beadboard. The contrast is fresh. Why don't you open up the drop leaf table in the middle of the space so it works as a breakfast room/homework space? I like the color you painted in the kitchen area. Its great, especially if the house is for sale. Where will you go next?

  2. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for the tips. I'll leave the beadboard, and put the drop leaf table back.

    We have another house we have been working on. I haven't done much by way of decorating because we have been building a casita for my parents.

    You can see some of the projects:

    Bedroom -

    Outside of house -

    Casita for my parents - (My daughter says this is for my husband and I, she's said she'll take the big house)

    I'm waiting for the fireplace mantel and I'll do a blog on the finished casita.

    My daughter is visiting, we're off to San Francisco today for some xmas shopping!

  3. Wow, this is gorgeous!! I think your home is classic and you did a great job creating a seamless addition, that really adds to the charm of the home, thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, I've been waiting to see everything! And look forward to your resources in the future.

  5. I am really loving this kitchen . Everything about it looks great and I can't believe how inexpensive it was for everything. thanks for sharing.