Friday, March 23, 2012

18th Century George III Wingback Project

I purchased a beautiful 18th century George III wingback last fall and wrote about it here.  I have been working on getting it recovered and it is finally done!   It took a while--I started using a new workroom, and we had problems getting them to understand that patterned fabric needs to be "matched" at the seams.  I purchased an extra 2 yards, but sadly didn't get a perfect matchup as they went around the outside of the chair!   I used Brunschwig fabric, and it wasn't inexpensive.   So what you see is "what I got".
18th century wingback in a Brunschwig & Fils  fabric

I agonized over the fabric choices if you read the previous post.  This fabric seemed like the perfect solution as I felt that an antique like this should be done in a silk damask, which would feel too formal for the project.  The fabric had to be knit-backed, as it was a linen.  That ran about $90, well worth the cost.


I selected the fabric used in the valences over the windows.
The finished chair!
The finished chair!  I left the windows in the photo--yes, it is snowing on March 22 in Portland, Oregon.  The heat
 wave isn't all over the entire country.  It's pretty much rained or snowed every day since the first of Feb.

I had twill tape and nailheads added to the bottom to give the chair a more casual feel.  
I had an ottoman made to match.  The chair is comfortable, and the large "wings" keep you warm on a cold drafty day--just like 200 years ago!

I thought you would enjoy seeing the final product!  It is not in the intended room/house, but it does look nice with the area rug.

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  1. It is beautiful, my favorite color aslo

    I know you are thrilled how nice it turned out and sure you will enjoy it for years to come

    So nice you have an empty corner of the room to display it, for pictures

    I have been hearing about your long winter in Portland and west toward the coast