Saturday, September 14, 2013

Austrian Petit Point Purses

One of my (many) vices is hand-embroidered purses.   Once you collect them, it is hard to display them.  I found with these beauties that they sometimes work well tucked into a display cabinet or bookshelf.  However, I picked up a great 50's Chippendale style wall shelf at an estate sale for $35.  It holds a bunch of purses!

It's tucked in a corner of my bathroom, not too far from my vanity.  It's a perfect spot!   Here are a few closeups:

 Would you believe the one below has over 1600 stitches per square inch! All handmade.
 I like this one below  for a figural scene.
 I wonder what castle this is?

 The one below is actually a crewel purse.  It has nice stones in the frame.

I haven't added to the collection in years.  I don't seem to have an interest in the Victorian beaded bags, but the stitchery of these has always appealed to me.

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  1. These are gorgeous. I do like how you have displayed them! The last is my favorite as I adore florals.
    The history and the imagining of the who and the where of antiques is so much a part of the collecting or the admiring of the object, is so fascinating!