Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pair of French Glazed Urns

In my last post I showed a picture of this stove that had two pots on the hood over the stove.  I liked it, and thought in my next remodel, I'll make sure I have room for display like that.

Well, today I found some killer urns.  They are actually an oval shape, very cool.  I love the neoclassic lines.   Now all I need is a good remodel.

I found a pair:

They are wonderful glazed terra cotta.  I just brought them home today, so I haven't found anything to put in them yet.  However, I'm going to whine about my brown counter-- so I decided to fix it.  They don't call me the antique linen queen without reason:

There!  Much Better!  I like the colors with the majolica cheese dome.  Of course I like anything with animals on it, especially cows.

I'll get around to fall-scape the island in a bit.   It is so difficult to do--I have to crawl on the counter to get to the center of it.

I love my fabulous urns.  they are definitely hand thrown, has a few firing imperfections, a little chipped glaze, but not bad.  I must have something wrong with me, it made my day to find the urns!

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