Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chandelier Inspiration!

Antiques are great inspiration.  What better inspiration for a chandelier than the one below:
Notice the details of the plasterwork on the ceiling.
The one above looks so feminine and graceful to me.

The cobalt blue glass and gems adds some contrast to this slightly simpler chandelier.

The one above is amazing.  I love the shape.

What's not to like about this chandelier for a grand entrance?
A closeup shows the figures around the base.
And there's a matching wall sconce.

Of course you would need a half dozen of these chandeliers to make the right impression!
Here's another one in a bedroom.   How would one get up on that bed?  I don't see steps..

Here's another style, notice the swans below the candle cups.

Here's the perfect chandelier to put over a game table.

The one above is perfect to light up your painted ceiling!  Most of the chandeliers are empire style, which is a bit out of favor, but it never has been in my house.

Or if you can't afford a painted ceiling, you can always add some decoration to the ceiling.

Last week I was in Germany, and got to view some fabulous interiors in many palaces and castles.  Most of them don't allow interior photos, but a few did. Nymphenburg Palace and the Residence Palace in Munich did allow photos without flash.   As I walked through these magnificent structures, I thought how opulent they lived, and how easy it is for us to live with beautiful things as they did--without bankrupting a nation.

Above is a Julie Neill chandelier.  It has the same feel as the antique ones, don't you think?  I am always on the hunt for things with good lines.   Of course not having a chandelier in my dining room has had me on a quest.

More on my trip to Germany later.  In the mean time, visit Peonies and Orange Blossoms' blog to read about a great pumpkin festival in Germany!


  1. Yes, I think the Julie Neill is very similar and looks the correct scale for the dining room.
    Wonderful inspiration photos.

  2. Wow, wow, wow! Beautiful chandeliers (and rooms)! Thanks for sharing all that beauty!

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