Monday, October 7, 2013

To Toile or Not, That is The Question!

I am trying to decide what to do with this bathroom.  I am thinking that perhaps I need some kind of toile wallcovering to go with the pink samplers and transferware.

Of course one day I will rip everything out and put in white marble, but now is not the time.  

My leftover pink towels set the color scheme.   The antique rug goes really well with the pink towels.  My chickenwire basket holds the extra towels and washcloths.  I have a bunch of these baskets, they are so versatile in keeping me organized.

I have some great German samplers that are red on white linen.  They are turn of the century and I totally love them!

Pink transferware and red and white samplers.   I like them.  I still need to work on the wall arrangement.   I'm thinking about it.  Maybe all the samplers in the center, and do all pink plates on each side?

Before I rip out the bathroom and put in my usual white marble, I am going to think about how to make this all work without a major remodel.   

I love toile bathrooms.  Here's one I did in black and white.  I laid the tile myself, popping out white and putting in black to create a border.
 Below is a pink bath by designer Lauren Ross.
Below is a paper I think Schumacher made.  It is after a Colonial Williamsburg design called Aviary.   I know that I saw it in an entryway in a Charles Faudree book.  ( I bought two scarves from Williamsburg for projects, yet to be done.)

Or do I go the cheap route that most designers recommend:  for fast dramatic results - PAINT!

I used Sherwin Williams Visualizer tool to come up with a paint color.  No if only there's a wallpaper visualizer tool!  

I have a great chippendale mirror I could hang over the sink and get rid of the wall of mirror.  I know the wall was expensive, and it is nice to get ready with all that mirror, but I think it has to go.   If I do wallpaper, it seems like I'd need to do some beadboard, and perhaps paint the cabinets.  What would you do?  No mirror?  Paint?  Toile?

Tell me what you would do!


  1. Yes, toile! That will be so pretty. I like the other two bathrooms you showed in toile as well. The closest I've ever came to a toile bathroom is having the blue and white toile shower curtain.
    Let us see when you're done.
    Happy papering,

  2. While I love toile, I really like the color selected as a sample. The blue grey makes the pink just pop off the walls and draws attention to your lovely transfer-ware collection.