Monday, May 23, 2011

New Dishes for Casita

We are building a casita for my parents to live in.  (They may or may not move in--another story)  As the project is coming together, I am beginning to pick out things that are a bit more fun.

There is a kitchenette, so I need dishes.  As much as I love antique china, it needs to be microwaveable dishes.
Some antique teacups I ADORE!

I have a lovely set by Villeroy and Boch, Audun Ferme, which I use in both houses.  I just didn't feel like getting more of the same.  Also, the quality of their mfg has gone down hill--the transferware is fuzzy compared to the older stuff.

More plates I love to use, but these are bone china.

 I fell in love with the plates below and "knew" they were the ones I was getting before I looked at the description.  How cheery, right?

Amazingly, they are out of melamine.  However melamine can't go in the microwave. ( Williams-Sonoma carries these)  They are by La Cadeaux and are still on my list.

This is another design.

I was really sorry I couldn't find anything like this that would microwave.   I need simplicity here. My parents are in their 80's and  they won't be following any instructions about microwaving on a paper plate..

So I kept hunting.   I had to do my shopping on the internet, no time to hunt for anything in person.   The next dishes I spotted were from Pierre Deux.:

This pattern is called Louis XV.  I really like the scalloped edge.  It is microwaveable.  PLUS! It comes in different colors.  I thought a blue salad plate would be fun.

I went to place the order, but some dishes are back ordered until July.  I hate that--having been through the backorder scenario with Restoration Hardware. 

So I then went to Williams Sonoma to purchase an induction hot plate.   I spotted these lovely dishes.  The photo is much lighter than the actual china.   

Avignon 16-Piece Dinnerware Set, Honey
I also picked up some towels to match their new kitchenette.
Marseille Towels, Set of 2, Dijon
Everything is packed up waiting for our trip to the project, so you'll have to wait for the "reveal" photos.  I just thought I'd share what is going on.  Today I must get some stone-sealer enhancer, take back the induction plate, and purchase an ADA toilet.  That should explain the lack of blogging.

The induction plate for the casita looks like a winner:
Caso Blue Two Induction Burner
It's from Williams-Sonoma, and a Caso Blue Two.  This is the second one we've tried.  We put a pot on it--and clicked on each temperature setting.  210 works, 250 it goes off, and then 290 it goes on.  Both units have the same problem.  I am not happy because I REALLY wanted this unit.  It was on sale for $199, regularly $350.  However it is the only unit that has a knob in this price range.  All Clad and Viking units are over $400.  The knob was important as an 83 year old isn't going to like the electronic pad.

So unfortunately I will likely get this one below.  It's a great price on Amazon, but no dial. 

Max Burton 6000 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop
Max Burton, 1800 watt, no dial $68.49 delivered.  As long as I was having problems, I may as well save some money too.   Water boils at 212, and the major complaint with these units is that the "tuning" isn't as fine as needed so it's easy to burn stuff.  I just couldn't risk going from 210 to 290. (max on these units is 450).

I'll let you know how it goes.  The reviews about these units are amazing...people love the speed and the ability to have an extra burner.

There is one caveat.  I have to check with my mother's doctor.  She has a pacemaker.  If it is a unipolar left-sided pacemaker I will be using it myself.  Otherwise induction would be great for her.   She has dementia and the idea that it cools quickly is a good thing.  (We are trying to ease her out of all cooking).

I'm off!   I hope to run outside with the camera and record the wonderful late spring in the yard here in the cloudy northwest!


  1. I don't know if you ended up finding dishes yet... Sur la table has some that kind of look like the williams sonoma ones:
    Or ones with a rooster

    or you could always do juliska. But I'm afraid the grandparents would break it. But then you could buy this: which is the smaller version of my pitcher Oh and it would match the bee cups you just got!

  2. I'm a guy hunting around google trying to find out what to do with 27 yards of Fortuny fabric I inherited. I came across your sort of awestruck....Neat! Well written ! So much information.........Would appreciate your thoughts............Richard Vesely

  3. Richard,
    Sorry I missed your comment. 27 yards! That's awesome. That is worth a fortune! That much yardage would have no limitations...depending on the pattern, I'd probably do drapes. You could do a chair for 7 yards, depending on the chair style.

    Congratulations on a lovely inheritance. Thanks for the nice words, I'm not as active as I'd like to be..due to *life*...