Saturday, May 21, 2011


I know I haven't posted much lately and I will soon write a post sharing a building project with you.    Springtime has been kind to our roses.  Is it because the weather in California was emulating the "Rose City" Portland, Oregon? (rain, rain, rain)

We've grown roses over the past 30 years.  I've gotten tired of the hybrid teas, in favor of floribundas and David Austin roses.  The last project involved planting over 100 roses last spring, and this spring was a delight:
"Golden Celebration" blooms in waves.  It has a light scent.  For a wonderful heavier scent I prefer "Jude the Obscure".
"Jude The Obscure" is a typical Austin rose, cupped flower.  I love it, it has a wonderful scent, many petals.

"Molineux" blooms all summer long.

David Austin "Golden Celebration" roses along driveway

David Austin "Golden Celebration"
In case you hadn't noticed, I like planting similar colors together.  The front of the house has yellow roses.  I didn't count on the Calif. sun fading the blooms so quickly--that doesn't happen in Washington.  The west side of the house has a pink rose garden, the back is all white, and I'm planning on adding red roses to the gate area in the front.  I like the combination of the yellow roses, blooming lavender, and spots of red roses.

Beautiful tree rose at Stanford Mall in Palo Alto.  My guess is "Just Joey", which blooms like crazy.  The mall flowers were wonderful.  What a beautiful garden to enjoy in a mall!

I wish my flower beds looked this good!  Photographed a visiting shopper from med. school, YAY!

Great poppies!
I'll go charge the battery to my camera and photograph some wonderful spring shots in Vancouver today.  Spring is a month late, so I'm enjoying April blooms now.

A sneak peek at our project is below.

The "Before" shot of the casita we are building for my parents.  Coming soon:  progress photos!
Have a Happy Saturday!

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  1. I LOVE Jude the Obscure! (the rose, not the book. The book doesn't smell as good as the rose! In fact, the copy I read, smelled like must.)