Friday, May 27, 2011

Victorian Screen

I impulsively purchased this screen today.  The muted colors really appealed to me. It's an old Victorian leather screen that someone applied wallpaper to.  It's not in the best condition, which is why my husband thinks I've lost it.  I did a sniff test to make sure it didn't smell, and so far I think I'm ok.  The antique dealer said she had it in her living room for years. Yes, I know, with every antique comes a tall tale.

It seems like a really whimsical piece to act as a backdrop in a room.  I just haven't decided what room.  Yes, I know there is water damage, but I thought if you put a chair in front of it, you wouldn't notice.  I liked the pastoral scene with the sheep.  OK, I'm a sucker for sheep anything.

I'm thinking a corner of a guest room with seating in front of it.

Here's a closeup:

If you click on the picture and look at the closeup, you can see the wallpaper detail.  Any guesses as to the age of this wallpaper?

There is wallpaper border trimming the front, but the sides of the screen have old french metallic ribbon on it.  The back of the screen is the same scene, only 2 of the wallpaper panels are peeling off.  I haven't examined the leather underneath to figure out what is on the leather.

I hope I don't have to Craigslist this one.  Does anyone else see the charm or did I just get a project?

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  1. you bought it only because there was a sheep in it.