Friday, August 23, 2013

Antique Easels

I never was on the lookout for them, but  antique easels can solve decorating problems.   Last week I found a large Victorian brass aesthetic movement easel.   It is adjustable, so you can mess with how high you want to display the painting, or in my case, a needlework.

Victorian Floor Easel for Display

The great part about a large easel like this is that you can use the easel in areas where you want some height, but can't.  In my case, I hate the half walls that are around the living room.  This gives me the opportunity to display something, the back is pretty as you walk down the hallway.

The easel also works well when you have a wall of windows--this can be tucked in front of drapes between the windows.  I try to be careful not to get too fussy in selecting items for the home, but the neoclassic lines of this easel did work for me.

There are many options in hunting for a large easel.   Ebay had these, another aethetic movement easel.

The one below is a ball and stick Victorian easel.

I love this one from Liveauctioneers--French art nouveau:

I love this Black Forest easel, but anything Black Forest is ok with me!

There are many plain easels also. This has an arts and crafts look to it.

I also love these below at  The one below is painted to look like bamboo.

 The one below is almost over the top, but I thought it could be interesting with the rack below.

Last week I blogged about my chest under the TV.  I used a smaller Italian tole easel to display a painting.  

I liked using antique easels at my daughter's wedding, and am now recycling them.   I have made some great signs using Adobe Illustrator, and printing out poster size at Walmart.  They worked really well.

You can find antique easels on Ebay, but if you're really bargain-hunting, check out Home Goods, they've got lots of little ones perfect for the tabletop.   I do love the little ones, they work well to display a book instead of a painting if you have a wonderful antique cover.

The next time you're out and about and see an easel, take a look at it.   I really didn't see this one until someone pointed it out to me.  It especially works for my needlework without a frame!

I hope I have inspired you to add something antique to your personal style.


  1. Very clever! I like the French art nouveau one the best!

  2. Beautiful! I like easels too. Your brass one is very pretty and I like the ball and stick one also.
    Thanks for sharing with us,