Wednesday, August 14, 2013

French Antique Louis XV Bench

My bedroom is in need of a bench.  I've wanted a Louis XV bench for years because I love the stretcher bars "x'd" look.

I found this bench at an estate sale last spring.  It was a disaster, but I saw that the frame was good and sturdy. My husband thought I was crazy, it was raining and the things was a complete mess.  I don't have a "before" shot for you because we went directly to the upholsterer from the sale.

Louis XV Bench
The grey linen fabric was a remnant, already backed for upholstery.  I almost put a white linen on it, but thought the grey would work better in the room.

It works perfectly in the room.   The bare room, because I "uncluttered" it.

Stretcher bars add strength, and more surface to dust.
The whole project cost me $350.   Given the cost of antiques, I'm sure it would have been more expensive than that in a shop!

I have another bench that isn't in the best spot at the foot of this bed, however I like having it at the foot of this bed to catch the blanket.  It is the only other bench I have with the stretcher bars, but it is far more ornate.  The problem is I think a bench at the foot of a bed should be rectangular, this one is a rectangle, but it is not long enough to me.


See what I mean?    I will eventually find the perfect spot for it, probably in front of a fireplace.  Til next time, stay cool!