Monday, December 19, 2011

Fabric for Wingback

Today I am going to the upholsterer.  I selected a fabric for the wingback chair.

In the running was a Schumacher fabric:

This seemed kind of old-lady ish to me!
The Highland Court Fabric, always a better cost selection:
Same problem as #1, and it had too much yellow in it.
Groves Bros,

It turned out to be too dark.  I don't have a nearby showroom, have to send away for more colorways.
This was the runner up
and a Brunschwig fabric.
The Winner!

The winner was chosen because it is the softest effect, pattern wise.   The project is this really old wingback.  It's English in origin, and looking at the frame dates from the early 1800's, or earlier.
What a sad mess!  Can you believe I see potential in this?
The huge wings on the side are really fun!

If the fabric looks familiar, it is because it was in the April '11 issue of Veranda.
April '11 Veranda, design by James Michael Howard
The fabric is on the valences.   I really like the effect of this.  The Bennison fabric was a more crisp design, and at the last minute I thought I'd go for a more subtle design.

Unfortunately, the fabric is thinner than I'd like, I'll see if the upholsterer thinks it should be knit-backed.  I've never done that before, I usually just pick a fabric that will work.

I had written about the original upholstery that would have been on the chair here.   However, I didn't feel like spending the money for a Chelsea Editions fabric.

This would have been a cool choice too!

Off to battle the traffic!

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  1. The cloth's dainty and elegant:)Love the pattern and hue. Thanks and good luck. Oh and merry Christmas! Have a great year ahead.