Saturday, December 10, 2011

Needlepoint Christmas

I just pulled out a needlepoint pillow I made.  It is probably the only modern canvas I have used.  I love the effect of a sampler with a happy reindeer bounding through it!

Winter Sampler - by Birds of a Feather
I think I should take the fringe off the pillow for a fresher look.  I might even put a trim of toile instead of gimp.  

Stay Warm!


  1. laughing about you taking off the fringe! ahah!!! don't listen to me. oy. makes me nervous!

    i loved your comment. i started what you are doing to your house - about five years ago. it takes a long time, just take it slow. it's not so expensive that way. good luck!

  2. It's simply gorgeous! Love pretty and festive! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  3. Hi Joni,
    I just got a giant map of Paris to put on the wall in my office.....and then I thought "what would Joni do" offices, computers and printers are so hard to deal with....

    My matching biscuit tin that I keep my supplies in has been in my office for 20 years!

    With the map I feel like a copycat stalker!

  4. Oh, But I love your needlepoint pillow. It is divine and the fringe is TDF. It is just adorable.You deserve to be proud of it. Merry Christmas. Richard from My Old Historic House.