Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pinecone Deer

I was out shopping and stumbled across a pinecone deer in a store window. It actually is a dik dik, made completely out of pinecones.

I came home and hunted around on-line, and I found the artist!   

Here's the website, Catherinegreenup.com, and a better photo.

Some of the other photos on the website were really fun!

I wanted  to take the little dik dik home for decoration, but the $1680 price tag meant it stayed in the store.  I guess my deer won't have a companion this season.   However I did get to enjoy a beautiful piece of art!


  1. Very cute~ I like the head mount of the dik dik. I think that belongs in the casita. Over the fireplace. Wait, the tv's going over the fireplace. Maybe it belongs in the main house over the fireplace?

  2. Sure! Now all I need is someone to buy it for me!